I check in with her and ask my questions. They are about my dreams, my visions. The pictures I keep on receiving when I tune into my business Back2nature and health & wellbeing. And my strong believe in the power of nature. The power to blossom. It seems like something is blocking, is it my romantic soul that wants to see so much positivity, or is it something else that wants to be seen or heard?

There is silence and the guides then respond very loud and clear. “This is what really gives you joy and happiness. This is so your soul, your pure nature, it seems that you are not fully believing that is is really possible. Open your heart to joy and go for it girl, go for it! Your soul wants to connect, bring love and joy to the world. Dare to dream, create, act and believe in your big vision and goal. Dream BIG! Create lovely programs who create happiness and open your heart to the magic. Celebrate life and embrace the world!”

I feel angel bumps all over the place, I have a huge smile on my face. I want to dance and kiss everybody.
Yes, yes, yes, it is possible!

You know, I am so used to negative feedback and people who are saying to me: you are daydreaming and not realistic. So I played small. I mean, really small. And this story keeps on repeating in my life. So it is good to check in with the guides, check in with friends who care for me. Check in with myself and keep on moving towards my goal. What I see is a place where people are fully immersed in nature, where they can find their true soul and nature and feel joyful again. Where they fully accept themselves, share stories and encourage each other. Where I guide forest bathing walks, give yoga sessions in nature and learn people to journal with an open heart and soul. Thats why I keep on creating and sharing my love for precious moments, for back2nature, for my love for yoga and forest bathing and journaling. So stay tuned and if you want to experience my gifts, come with me on a journey in a one day retreat. Where we co-create with the seasons and re-find our true story. Change our script and dare to dream, believe and act BIG.
Because the world needs us. for who we are. You and me. WE. Here and now.


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