I write, guide and conduct ceremonies in nature. I love being outside in the woods, by the sea or in my garden. There I receive inspiration and feel connected with everything else, with the more than human world. 

Besides my expertise in text and copy, I have always brought more of myself to the table. I have an open connection with the universe and take everything I hear, see, feel and read with me in my texts and as a guide. That is my strength, not only writing, but also listening, channelling and involving the more than human world in the creation of a story. When in March 2021 I read Julia Plevin’s book, The Healing Power of Forest Baths, I immediately knew, this is right for me, this is what I want to learn. 6 November 2021 I graduated as Forest Therapy Guide, trained by the ANFT and now I take people into nature so they can experience through their senses and body-awareness their life. Every time I guide a forest bath it is also a big gift to myself. I am nature and nature is me. That’s why it is Back2nature!

In all my work I honour nature and follow the call of my soul. If we feel the connection and love for the more than human world, are aware of the richness and cycles of nature, then I believe with all my heart that we can live a sustainable and happy life. 

Love the life you deserve, welcome back to your own true nature