You are unique and deep inside you have a desire, a mission that wants to be lived. You want to be yourself, show yourself and share that with the world. If you are connected with yourself, with your own nature, then you can feel that channel, feed it and open it so that it starts to flow. Not only in words, but also in what you do. I think you found this page because you too want to return to your own nature. Because you have a mission. And that you want to do everything to be that pure instrument of the universe that you know you are. You feel that message and you put it into words as best you can. But, you talk to so much more. You have guides with you, power animals, archangels, ancestors and many elements of nature that tell your whole story in your energy. In Back2nature they all speak, you hear them and yourself as you have never heard before.

For you

I listen to the story of your soul and give words to what else I see, hear and feel from another perspective. Something magical emerges in energy, in words and on paper. Together we are at a place in nature, or we have contact by phone. You tell me and I capture the energy of those words in a Soulpoem. Your soul talks to mine. It is pure and raw energy in poem form, which is not only written but comes alive in your heart, body and mission. You enjoy your own life, you are touched in your heart and connected to your true nature. A Soulpoem is a message for your soul. Back2nature!

For organizations

You want to share your mission with the world. You want to attract exactly those people who fit with you, who you want to inspire, who you want to astonish. Want to take them into your world. But you’re not looking for a ‘standard’ web text or banner. You are looking for words that fit you and of which you feel: this is me, this is my mission, this is my true nature. I listen, ask questions, and while walking and daydreaming in nature the first words appear on paper. After that I tune in to your energy and your mission and then the words come channelled to me. I am silent, receive and write your story with heart and soul. A real story. Your Soulstory. Back2yournature! 

Being of significance in life.

Rising, falling, getting up, developing, passing on.