Amazing how quickly and particularly Linde saw ‘pictures’ when I told her my story. Pictures’ that she shared with me in an open-hearted way and on which she continued to ask questions. In no time there was a deep, intense connection between us through which I dared to show my vulnerability. Linde ‘read’ my face and was very honest about the changes she saw in me and in me. She also gave practical tips that will really help me, in the here and now. That same evening I received my story, written by Linde, in my mailbox. So personal, so touching and with surprising twists, insights and food for thought. I was moved, printed the story out and stuck it in my diary so I can read it back whenever I want. And I feel, deep down, that one day I will use Lindes version of my life story in the book I want to write. “You have a gift, what a wonderful woman you are” I said to her at our goodbye. My gratitude is great. 

– Marije van den Bovenkamp

When a subject is intense and confronting the emotions that are released are also allowed to be there. Linde works carefully and with passion and has a great sense of humor. She showed me that all emotions are allowed to be there when telling my story.

– Nina Blom

What I like about working with Linde is that she knows how to get to the deeper layer and brings me to the essence of my story. She lets the questions arise in the moment and that gives space to what can be told. The way she looks, gives directions, works and processes everything, gives space to the stories that are on the surface or just a bit more hidden. Linde can listen. And by that I mean really listen. 

– Shanti Silos

I found it a treat to have forest bathing with you like this. The attention, the love for nature, your beautiful voice, the inviting clear invitations, the surprise invitation that fit me so perfectly (with the question what nature had to tell me), and also the special gifts. It was all just super nice. The sun on my face. The wind through my hair. Feet on the ground. Just nice. And then also such a beautiful closing tea-dancing ritual. Everything was so well taken care of that I could completely surrender to the flow of the moment and nature. 

In the beginning I was a bit wobbly on the spot, but by the end of the session I felt completely at home. Now – a day later and working in a totally unnatural environment – I feel how nice it was to sink into my body and into myself. I am already longing to go back there :-). 

Time also flew by. And at the same time I think time really does its job. By being so attentive for such a ‘long’ time in nature, you really sink into yourself. I felt connected to my essence and the gratitude I already felt in the morning was only strengthened and fuelled. As a happy and fulfilled person I drove home. Thank you for this wonderful morning Linde.

– Sandra Korse

I would recommend anyone who is curious about the effect of Nature Therapy to try a Forest Bathing session with Linde. Being accompanied by her calm, soothing voice and exploring the invitations to sense and feel, left me with a feeling of serenity and gratefulness that stayed with me long after the walk. Linde had a way of intuitively tapping into where I was on the walk, making it a complete and very personal journey of both restoration and play. 

– Sidsel Solmer Eriksen

Linde is a sensitive, intuitive, gentle and wonderful guide.  I am still absolutely amazed at how I was able to have this forest bathing experience with her in Holland and me in Canada.  I felt so connected to her, to the nature around me, and to myself.  I went into the experience feeling rather “under the weather” and came out of the experience feeling joyful and so much lighter.  Thank you Linde for your gentleness, your time, and the opportunity to be in the forest in a new way!

– Lisa Nackan