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You want to live a mission. And the greatest happiness is to give time to yourself and to reflect on what is really important in order to be able to live that mission to the fullest. You know that it is necessary, and that it is high time, that you listen to the message of your heart and soul, that you live according to your true nature.

My offerings

Forest bathing

As a forest therapy guide, trained by the ANFT, I guide Shinrin-yoku (forest bath) sessions in nature. 


I listen to your story and give words to what I hear, see and experience.


Are you getting married soon, do you want to make a vow to each other or have you been married for 5, 10 or maybe 12.5 years? Do you want a special ceremony?


Deeply relaxing with EcoNIDRA yoga.

It is essential to find moments of comfort and ease when we are navigating uncertainty, exhaustion, grief or just a too busy agenda.

Remember the lost parts of yourself that have been thamed out of your life

linde is sitting and smiling

About me

I write, guide and conduct ceremonies in nature. I love to be outside in the woods, by the sea or in my garden. There I receive inspiration and feel connected with everything there is.


snel on the leaf
rain drop on the leaves
dry leaves
grote boom


I would recommend anyone who is curious about the effect of Nature Therapy to try a Forest Bathing session with Linde. Being accompanied by her calm, soothing voice and exploring the invitations to sense and feel, left me with a feeling of serenity and gratefulness that stayed with me long after the walk. Linde had a way of intuitively tapping into where I was on the walk, making it a complete and very personal journey of both restoration and play.

- Sidsel Solmer Eriksen

I am a worrior

I step forward and show myself

I am myself

I am

I know

a being

of pure power

without seeking for attention

I am

And so are you