Deeply relaxing with EcoNIDRA and Yin yoga.

It is essential to find moments of comfort and ease when we are navigating uncertainty, exhaustion, grief or just a too busy agenda.

A 75 minutes practice of EcoNIDRA/Yin yoga is the perfect medicine when our soul feels trapped in chaos or heaviness of life. Daring to take time for yourself and to rest will invoke a nurturing sense of grounding and will give you time to release any tension. Experience a class with me and rediscover your balance, creativity and happiness.

What is EcoNIDRA yoga?

EcoNIDRA is a structured and guided practice that takes you on a triple journey. A journey through your senses, a journey through your body and a journey through the Earth. You are laying down in the savasana position and making it yourself as comfortable as possible. 

Rest, boost our immune system our health and wellbeing.

How did I discover EcoNIDRA?

In a very chaotic and challenging period of my life I discovered how important resting and just be in the moment for me was, and still is. I used to organize several projects at once and had different writing orders at the same time. I was used to this, as an entrepreneur for more than 25 years this used to be my life, my rhyme, my way of being as business woman. I always wanted to learn more, do more and dived in nearly every workshop that crossed my path and had absolutely no time to digest and rest. This way of living ended up in a chronic colon disease and a feeling of having failed and unworthiness. I discovered step by step how important mindful eating was for me, I mean just eating and not at the same time checking email and social media, writing proposals, following a training and so on. Step by step my colon came at ease and my body and mind as well. 

I started to practice EcoNIDRA frequently, I created more white space in my agenda and went out to the forest just to slow down and let my body be nourished. With no agenda and no expectations. And believe me, this was and still is not so easy for me. But every day I become a bit better at it and my digestion improves and the pain in my colon disappeared.

I am a certified EcoNIDRA and Yin yoga teacher. I love to spread this practice with people who want to have a more balanced life and live a happy life.

So, join me in one of my classes online or in person. You will love it!
I teach classes every week at my own studio in Eindhoven Strijp-S, Philitelaan 59.
Every Monday: 10-11.15 am
Every Monday 7.15 – 8.30 pm (English classes)
Every Wednesday: 7.15 – 8.30 pm
Every Thursday I teach at 8.30 – 9.45 pm in yoga studio Light on Yoga. Check the class schedule for the dates and book your class through them.