When I am looking around me at home, I see books about forest bathing, healing trees, daring to rest and plants. A lot of plants. The literature makes me happy and really speaks to my heart. The moment I came in contact with forest therapy and EcoNIDRA yoga I knew, this is it, this makes me happy. And this is extremely good for my body, mind and soul.

But since springtime started, and everything is opening up again, new projects start to flowing towards me, it is more difficult to keeping the balance. To dive into new exciting projects and taking care of myself at the same time. It seems like there is something inside me that is constantly jumping up and down, screaming out loud: “I am alive again, I am alive again. I so much love life!” 

Do you recognize this?

With my heart wide open and a huge smile on my face I step into the world. But there is something else as well that is calling me to take another pace. And that is my belly. My belly is my guide. It speaks to me, and most of the time it screams to me, when I am doing too much, when I am taking too little time for my food, or when I rally want to saying yes to everything. Well perhaps, nearly everything. 

Last year I was diagnosed with a chronic intestinal inflammation. I had a lot of pain and couldn’t work properly, and had to stay more at home due to the symptoms of this inflammation. The moment I changed my food, less fibers, more greens, no cowmilk and no sweets, my tummy became more at ease. I took time for my breakfast, lunch and dinner, with no working while eating and started to chewing food more intensely. This made a huge difference. My colon was getting better and I felt better, healthier and more comfy with life as a whole. But since it is spring, and more and more projects are coming to me, it is more hard to follow that slower pace of life. Especially when I am surrounded by people who are working their buds off and who do not take take time for rest themselves. 

You know, I want to do everything, I want to experinece life and do not want to choose. But, I think, that is the case. Instead of feeling great, my tummy hurts and I know, I so deeply know that I need to take care of myself first and that I need to slow down. I know the things I can do, I know that the art of watching nature and following my senses is so healing, but it seems like it is hard now, to really take this serious and slow down. 

And yes it is true, when we are having a lot of free time and me time, it is more easy to slow down, but when it seems like everything is calling you at the same time, this is more a kind of art. The art of slowing down and still loving yourself for who you are.

This way of living is a constant being aware of knowing and believing that this is good for our health and wellbeing. It is not the storytelling about it, it is about living it, diving into it and be brave enough to be radically honest to ourselves. And you know, I have to say it to myself a thousand times: I will still be a lovely woman when I am living life at a more slow pace. I still will be a loving woman in the prime of her life. I know that taking a rest is giving me a more clear mind and a bright mood. I know nature will give me signals. I know. The only thing I need to do is let go the old beliefs about myself. And follow this new me, this new lifestyle while being fully immersed in life. This is so much more healthy for me and for my friends and collegues and the planet. I know it, and it still is a challenge for me.

And I am wondering, how is this for you?  

“She held space for me to realize the scary truth: I was afraid to rest. I thought my entire worth was in what I could do and produce for others, even if it meant I worked myself to the point that I collapsed.” From: Pause, Rest, Be by Octavia F. Raheem

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